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Service Form

Warranty Terms

         Customers will enjoy 1 year warranty service from the date of shipping (except customized products). The free warranty period refers to the failure( due to reasons other than human factors, force majeure, physical damage and unpredictable factors) within the specified period, QYT is obliged to restore the original function of the abnormal product free of charge. The specific service content is related to the applicable service form and the corresponding service is for QYT’s products.

QYT original machine

It refers to the products produced and assembled by QYT factory and sold in the form of complete machine. The original machine are affixed with the serial number label of QYT. The whole machine should at least include the chassis, LCD screen, touch screen, motherboard, CPU, memory and hard drives, etc.

Customized Products

The standard warranty for customized products is 12 months. The specific content and time depends on the warranty agreed in the purchase contract.

* Note: Customized products are designed, assembled and manufactured according to customers’ requirements.

Guarantee for n ew product

Within one month from the date of shipping, if the new product is found to be defective immediately after opening the box, QYT will be responsible for replacing the new product parts to the customer.

The original complete machine is customized according to customer’s needs, so the replacement of complete machine is not available. If a failure occurs during the new product defective period, QYT will arrange to replace the corresponding parts.

In principle, customized products do not provide new product defective replacements.

Service form

QYT provides you with all-round support and after-sales service through the website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other channels. Our after-sales team will track the service process, processing results and maintenance progress all the wayIf you encounter any problems during the service, please feel free to contact the hotline of our after-sales service center: +86-755-86534866

Online Service

QYT website provides manuals, drivers, FAQ, videos, etc,. Customers can inquire or download by visiting

In addition, QYT also provides online consulting service. If any question, you can consult online by visiting

Maintenance Charges

QYT will charge maintenance fees as appropriate for the following conditions:

 The warranty period has expired.

 For products out of warranty, after being tested or calibrated, no problems have been found.

 Even for product within the warranty, if the product has functional problems or difficult-to-repair conditions caused by improper use, unauthorized disassembly or modification, poor operation environment, inappropriate maintenance, accidents or other reasons, QYT reserves the right to judge the above situation and charge maintenance fees.

 Product damage caused by lightning strike, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters.

 Product upgrading or testing requirements put forward by customers out of the warranty.

If the same fault occurs again within 2 months after the product being repaired, the maintenance center will improve the level and repair for free. But if it’s due to improper use, unauthorized disassembly or modification, poor operation environment , inappropriate maintenance, accident or other reasons, the customers still need to pay for maintenance.

 When returning the faulty product, please use anti-static bag or ESD material to wrap it properly. If the fault happens during the delivery process due to improper packaging, QYT reserves the right to return the unrepaired faulty product at the customer's expense.

 On the delivery list, please fill in the value with a lower amount. Otherwise the Customs may levy high taxes for the high value of the repairing product, and the excess fee will also be borne by the customer.

 Please fill "The list is for Customs reference, no commercial value" on the delivery list.

 Indicate the RMA number, product serial number and warranty status on the list.

Returning faulty product 

The repairing product can be returned to the maintenance center. The customer do not need to send the attached accessories (manuals, connecting cables, etc.). Please be sure to clearly indicate what accessories are included in the eRMA, otherwise QYT will not be responsible for any items not listed. Please pack the item well and indicate the delivery information before sending! Reminder: Physical damage caused by transportation should be resolved by the sender and the carrier.

Maintenance report

In principle, QYT maintenance center does not attach repairing report when returning repaired products. The customer can put it forward separately if needed.

*Note: The maintenance report is not stamped with the official seal of QYT.

Transportation cost

Within the warranty: QYT and the customer each bear half of the transportation cost-that is, the freight cost shall be borne by the sender.

Out-of-warranty: Referring to the in-warranty maintenance method, the user shall bear the logistics cost for returning the repairing product, and QYT bear the logistics cost for sending back the repaired equipment. The logistics cost for sending back the repaired product shall be borne by the customer if he refuses to pay the maintenance cost.

Extended Warranty

On the basis of the original product warranty, QYT provides such as one-year/two-year warranty extension services. Within the extended warranty, product can enjoy repairing services for free. The maintenance range can cover all products manufactured by QYT, and customers can enjoy the comprehensive maintenance service at any time.