Shenzhen QYT Industry Co.,Ltd

Company Introduction

QYT is a leader in developing industrial computers and providing application solutions, integrating its R&D, production, and sales all-in-one mode. 

       QYT has been a key player in the industrial computer sector for 16 years, earning a distinguished reputation within the professional community of industrial control computers.QYT specializes in a wide range of industrial computing solutions including rugged computers, all-in-one PCs, waterproof computers, industrial panel PCs, industrial monitors, and embedded panel computers. Our products cater to diverse applications such as industrial control systems, business terminals, digital security, logistics and barcode management, and vehicle integration, among others.

       Our products are globally distributed, reaching over 100 countries worldwide. We have particularly served customers in industrially advanced regions such as Europe, the United States, Australia, and Canada, providing robust industrial computing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

       The technical team at QYT is committed to a philosophy of "Intention and Concentration." We introduce a new product every 3 months and regularly integrate the latest technologies into our product line every 6 months.

       Quality is paramount at QYT. We staunchly oppose the use of recycled electronic components in our manufacturing processes. To ensure superior product quality, many of our supply chain components are sourced from reputable suppliers in Taiwan. For instance, we utilize interfaces from Foxconn and employ genuine industrial-grade touch screens from BOE.

       Since our inception 16 years ago, QYT has prioritized independent research and design. Our products feature proprietary circuit diagrams and utilize unique private molds. Our unwavering commitment to European industrial-grade quality has garnered us numerous OEM and ODM orders from discerning European clientele.

       Looking ahead, QYT remains steadfast in our commitment to producing the finest products. We aim to reshape global perceptions of 'Made in China' by delivering exceptional industrial computing solutions worldwide. We are dedicated to collaborating closely with our customers to advance global industrial progress.