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Device Control Panel

Full IP65 Waterproof, Dustproof. Industrial-Grade display panels for embedded. Supports the RAFI FS22+ IDEC Emergency and Flat buttons for automation control. Front-facing USB ensures easy maintenance. TPM 2.0 support for maximum security.
The DCP series features a quick-mount interface that adapts to the support arm mounting system and a customizable auxiliary panel extension unit, to facilitate a variety of visualization and control applications. The customizable auxiliary panel expansion unit supports various peripherals and controls, such as RFID/NFC readers. It also supports various buttons, such as LED indicators, buttons, emergency stop buttons, etc.The push-button integrated IP65 Industrial HMI increases the productivity. At the same time, the button design is also especially required for critical tasks such as emergency shutdown. When an emergency occurs, we want an easy and quick way to shut down the process without wasting time. For machine integration, push button devices are easy to install and wire. The wiring time can be saved by more than 60%, and the installation cost can also be reduced by more than 30%.
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